Fall in Love with Your Business Again!
I help overwhelmed female authors, coaches and consultants, aged 40 - 60 years, to simplify their systems and build a reliable team that will grow their business… with results starting in as little as eight weeks.
My Overwhelm to Powerhouse Blueprint is a 3-step system that I’ve designed to take you from being a one-woman business spinning your wheels trying to do everything yourself and feeling like a failure, to confidently leading a team that helps you grow your business.

No more working long days just one-step away from crashing and burning.

No more uncertainty or frustration about hiring staff or outsourcing.

Just a simple system that uses the power of easy-to-use technology and consistent action with repeatable systems and the skills of others to scale your business.

Best part is, you are in control and free to take time away from work confident that, not only is work getting done, it is being done to your standard.

How it works is that instead of you being the bottle neck in your business, I show you how to easily create systems for your business that make sense to you even if you’re technology challenged, allergic to checklists, and believe yourself to be disorganised. This frees you to grow your business building team to ‘clone’ yourself, ensuring that the work is done the way you like it… while freeing yourself of at least 4 hours a day so that you can enjoy dinner with your family, focus on the creative talents you were put on this earth to share, and love your business again.

I work only with female entrepreneurs who love life and respect people, are focused on growing their business and know they need to lead an engaged team to help them get there.

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